Browse the profiles of single women from Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine who are searching for a good husband.
Although the “mail order brides” expression is still used, Russian women are contemporary women using the web and dating services.
Beautiful Belarusian Lady Olga from Grodno, Belarus
Sexy Ukrainian Woman Alina from Kharkov, Ukraine
Online Dating with Single Belarusian Girl Nataliya from Grodno, Belarus
Stunning Woman from Ukraine - Zhanna from Vinnitsa, Ukraine
Dating with Charming Ukrainian Woman Ekaterina from Vinnitsa, Ukraine
International Marriage Agency to Meet Viktoriya from Kiev, Ukraine
Ukrainian Girl Seeking Marriage - Nataliya from Kiev, Ukraine
Dating Site to Meet Pretty Ukrainian Girl Zoya from Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Sexy Russian Lady Nataliya from Chisinau, Moldova
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Dear Alain and Yuliya, you are really doing the right thing here! I just want to thank you, my friends for all the service done for me! We Johan and Natasha are going to send you two invitations for our marriage which is planned in autumn in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands.

Sincerely, Johan from Netherlands
Dear M. Lalonde, I thank you very much for your quick reply to my inquiry. Be assured that I appreciate a lot your efficient service. Furthermore, I am deeply touched by the full commitment you show towards the people using your site: I even perceive a sort of sacred devotion to the service you render. So, I cannot help thanking you for all that you are doing for my dear friend Oksana and me.

Stefano, Italy
Alain, You will get a book of thank you letters soon as I found the one in a million for me in Grodno. Just returned from my 2nd trip in two months I think and I am very exstatic in saying that I am engaged to the finest girl for me in the world without a doubt. Not only in beauty but all those little descriptive phrases like my best friend, soul mate, 110% chemically attracted, I am out of words as they dont describe her well enough. I love that place Grodno, and of course, Maya always looks after me there. Anything is really appreciated, you are a god in my eyes right now. Last thing I have to tell you. In less than one day with Svetlana, I felt more comfortable, relaxed, just really happy than compared to even years of any other woman I have ever met, and I am not just saying thiese things. What a friendly, good hearted, morally supreme group of people. Thanks for your recommendation about Grodno.

Joe W., Houston
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International Marriage Agency Network
For Serious Men Seeking a Russian Mail Order Bride

Belarusian Girl Seeking Men - Tatiyana from Grodno, Belarus

International marriage agency network for serious men from Finland and all over the world who are seeking a Russian mail order bride. Women from Russia and Ukraine are considered to be excellent wives with strong family values. With the help of international dating and matchmaking services, they become the beautiful and loving wives of men from all regions of the world. The main reason they seek a life partner from outside their country is because they cannot find a suitable partner in their homeland.

Russian and Ukrainian women are well educated, hard workers and quick learners. They can adapt quite easily to other cultures and traditions. Russian mail order brides are not seeking to leave their country - they are simply looking for a decent and faithful man to share love and romance and create a family. With the help of our international marriage agency network, many of them realize their dearest dream: to become a loving wife and gorgeous bride for a loyal and good hearted man with whom they will create a strong and happy family.

Discover How do Russian and Ukrainian Girls
Become Gorgeous Brides and Excellent Wives
What's their secret?

Russian girls, Belarusian girls, Moldovan girls and Ukrainian girls have the reputation to become gorgeous brides and to make excellent wives. What is their secret? They offer the best of both worlds - exotic beauty and traditional family values. It is exactly what makes men from all over the world to take the decision to find a Russian mail order bride.

From their childhood age, girls from Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine are taught by their mothers how to become beautiful Russian brides and good wives. They are taught how to be elegant and feminine. Mainly, they are taught how to become a good and caring wife who always puts her family and husband first.

Quality and Efficient Matchmaking Services
For Serious Men Seeking a Russian Bride

Our quality marriage agency network and experienced matchmakers offer international matchmaking services for serious men seeking a Russian bride. With offices in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine, they help their single women to find a good husband.

Each woman needs to register in person with passport in hands. Our marriage agency owner and staff validate their identity and interview them to evaluate their honesty and sincerity about finding a husband from outside their country. Their honest and reliable matchmaking service helps their single women and single men from around the world to find each other and develop a relationship leading to marriage.

Dating Site to Find a Beautiful Russian or Ukrainian Bride

With the Help of our Qualified Matchmakers
Beautiful Russian Mail Order Brides
Are looking for a Good Husband

With the help of our experienced and qualified matchmakers, beautiful Russian mail order brides are looking for a good husband from the outside. They use our international dating and matchmaking services to expand their search for a serious and loyal life partner. Because of the lack of available men who are looking for marriage in their own country, they broaden their search to other parts of the world.

According to the last census, there are approximately 10 million more women than men in Russia and former USSR - while some cities have a ratio of 4:1 single women versus single men of age to marry. Russian girls and Ukrainian girls always need to look their best and be attractive to have a chance to get the attention of one of the few available men. There are thousands of beautiful Russian mail order brides seeking a foreign husband on our international matchmaking and dating network. Check the profiles of these gorgeous Russian and Ukraine girls - you will want to make plans to find your beautiful Russian bride!

All our best wishes,

Alain and Yuliya




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